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Honey Bee’s

23 Jan
WhatsGood EveryOne?. .
 My Name is Elvira I am a Co-Facilitator At
LYRIC(Lavendar Youth Recreation & Information Center)
Building Community & Inspiring Positive Social Change
with LGBTQQ Youth 
 I Co-Facilitate A Weekly Group By The Name Of HONEY
  Welcoming Queer Girls & Allies 24 & Under
 From 4-6 p.m
  Also We Previde A Hang Out Space For The Youth 
LYS From 2:30-3:30 p.m
 Great Place To Kick Back & Meet New People
  Play Games
   Listen To Music
  Watch Movies
  Funny T.V Shows

Im Out. .
Would Love To See You There
Chao Honey!!


We Dont Exsept CREEPER's   

HONEY BEE'sz   (Poem)                                                         Jan 2011

Works Hard


Never Gives Up For What We Need

Learns From Growing Up

Making The Best Of Our Identities

No Shame To Who We Our

Sweet & Kind Like



Call Us Fly

Sting’s When We Out

Higher Then The Sky’s

Close To The Stars

Better Then Cloud 9. .




2:30-3:30 p.m

A space for the youth 2 come & kick back

Listen to music

Play Games

Eat Snacks

& Much More!

Honey ~.~

4-6 p.m

Queer Girl’s & Allies (Friends, Asociates ,Family)

Also Welcoming Boy’s/Men

24 & Under

Free Space For Youth. .


Come Through If You Are In The Bay!




M.E.E.T (Men Educating and Empowering Together)

23 Jan

Hello, Everyone this is M.E.E.T’s first blog post, At M.E.E.T we go deep into issues in the community such as, Body image, Male Priveledge, Sex& health, Allyship,etc and many more. We also know how to have a good time which leads us to talk about the Drag show which is going to happen on 1/29/11 Yes thats right! January 29th  2011 DARLING! bring your dragz and come enjoy the show do you and take it to a 10, The Important thing is that this is not a competition its all for fun and community building lets Ki-ki and have some fun Hunties…  M.E.E.T is where it is at this month!

M.E.E.T is FREE and open to all male-identified folks and allies* 24 & under. Allies are any body committed to supporting their local queer boy community Fridays from 4-6pm

Everyone welcome!

13 Jan

Are you: girl birl boy bis transsexual transgendered queer questioning curious polyamorous intersexed flexual asexual trisexual omnisexual multisexual pansexual gender neutral genderqueer multigendered androgynous drag king drag queen butch femme fairy two-spirit bear dyke lipstick tranny boi (with an i) ftm mtf boydyke bi-dyke half-dyke queerboi or ex-straight?

or something else?

Come to transmagic, from 4-6 on tuesdays at LYRIC! All genders and expressions are welcome in this group for trans* people and their allies.

we rock!


About Me: a nerdy bowtie wearing femking who loves doctor who and activism 😀 Max is my name, gender is my game!

Transmagic & Allyship :)

13 Jan

Hi everyone 🙂 Since this is my first post, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Vanessa. I’m 18 and I am one of the facilitators for Transmagic, our group for transgender, gender variant youth and their allies.

I am a queer-identified woman and an ally to the trans community and have considered myself an ally for probably a couple of years now. I can’t honestly say that I knew much about trans folks, the trans community, or trans issues before then. And so I would like to highlight: the beauty of education and building allyship!

This week in Transmagic, we’ve discussed a lot about allyship and what it means to be an ally, because there’s a lot more to allyship than just saying “I’m an ally.” And, well, what are some of those things that an ally can do?

As an ally, I can…
Educate myself using internet resources like transgender information sites, youtube or blogs, the library, or films, versus relying on trans and gender variant folks to educate me. It’s awesome if someone is open to sharing their experience and knowledge with me, but I should never expect anyone to. This Trans 101 packet (.pdf) is a cool intro to transgender terminology and issues.
Learn about the history of the transgender rights movement through books, film, internet, etc. Recommended: the film “Screaming Queens“.
Keep an open mind and don’t “yuck” something just because I’m not familiar with it.
Recognize everyone’s identities as valid, because that’s what they are. No one should have to explain their identity or have to prove that they are what they say they are.
Refrain from using slurs and words that are derogatory towards transgender and gender variant folks, and
Speak up when I hear those words being used, if I feel safe doing so. “Hey, that word isn’t okay to use”; “I feel uncomfortable when you say that.”
Practice being a good listener and make myself available as a source of support for someone.
Make no assumptions about transgender and gender variant folks. Even if I hear one person’s personal story, I can’t assume what they said applies for everyone in one community.
Ask “what do you need?” I don’t assume I know what is best for trans folks, or what their needs are. Ask!
Ask questions respectfully and don’t be offended if someone doesn’t feel comfortable answering, or doesn’t give me the answer I want.
Celebrate transgender and gender variant folks. Join trans pride marches, celebrate when good things happen, and be there to support when tough things are happening.

This is just a small list of what allies can do; we can get so much more into it! Allies are a huge part of our Transmagic community and I’m really proud to be able to say that I’ve been able to learn so much about how to be a better ally from the experiences I’ve had with the group. Also, being a “good” ally is something that I work on everyday–I think I can always do more to be a better ally.

Transmagic is every Tuesday from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm at Lyric (127 Collingwood Street, San Francisco) and is open to all transgender and gender variant youth (24 & under) and their allies. We would love to see more folks come through!!


Pantalones Welcomes you to Honey!!

13 Jan

Hey Everybody,

So this week in honey we are going to be writing some poetry and drawings about allyship! yeah I know some of you out there may be thinking “allyship? whats that? what is Pants talking about”   well you will just have to come by Honey and see wassap now won’t you? lol.

Oh and a little bit about me

I’m queer, a dyke, and some kinda of brown. I am 18 years old and like go bike riding in oakland, buy comic books, write epic 100 page stories and read fan fiction. Sometimes I like to be gender-queer on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. My favorite band is tegan and sara and I love suits. (this is the same on my profile, i didn’t wanna write two separate things. :p)

Honey-Mac Fresh

13 Jan

Hi my name is Mac fresh I’m 17 years old and I’m a queer educator working at lyric I co facilitate a queer girls group called honey on wednesday 4-6 every week in this group we touch on topics such as health family and other social topics we keep it relevant. Be sure to tune in to my future post to see what’s going on