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Its important for a man to know how to cook.

25 Feb

I cant not stress that enough. here are 10 reasons why…

1.Its romantic to cook for your special someone. It can set the night for passion and cuddling.

2. A man should be able to maintain himself. Alot of the time growing up in this heterostructured world your expected to do such to be able to. Your taught early to go get what you want and be adamant about it. How cooking fits in it well you must eat and drink TO LIVE.

3.Its incredibly joyful and can be your quiet time/relax time. The smell of food is so soothing!

4.Cooking with your special someone(s) is also an amazing time. building something together and enjoying it…. Sounds like something else…. Its also good to bond with people in general

5.If your in lost/stranded in a forest you should atleast know how to build a fire and snack on near by dear.

6.”I can cook” Is the ultimate pick up line. Add from scratch in there someone will get you a long way

7 .It shows intelligence if you can create complex dishes.

8.You will just be awesome!


10. A man should be able to do a lot on the stove.

Wow that was funny there some good facts going through along with suggestiveness and sarcasm. I feel it important for a man to know his way around the kitchen for fact no matter at what level. doesn’t make you less if you less if you can’t but it is like have resume writing skills.


Random, yet not to random shout out to brown women

23 Feb

ok, so im sitting at my computer procratinating when i’m suppose to be finsihing my homework, and a late blog post that is never gonna be published (sorry vanessa) listening to janelle monae when it hit me. Black women are the shiz. so thats my free write for this week.

and im not just saying this cause im black, and sometimes a chick, cause sometimes there some hating toward my own identity.

anyways what I’m saying is that people shouldn’t hate on brown folk.fuck that people shouldn’t hate on any other peoples in general cause we all just trying to live and hopefully listen to janelle monae cause she the shit.  but thats just my opinion. but here check her out while i finish my homework.


Who Inspires Me

23 Feb
One Person who inspires me is the rapper/entrepreneur 50 cent. Although his music may not promote the most positive message but his hustle is something that he should be commended on. Growing up in the ghetto of Queens, New York without his mother and father he didn’t have the guidance he needed so he turned to the streets. He hustled for material things such as clothes and cars but he never got comfortable with just that he always wanted more and I really admire his drive. He started getting serious about his rapping after being told he would just be known as another street hustler who made a song. He got shot 9 times, went into the studio and proceeded to make an album that would sell over 15 million records. He got into rap beefs with other famous artist and went on to make 100 million dollars off of a drink venture named Vitamin Water. So as you can see he never let anything get in the way of his fame and fortune. It takes a really hard working discipined person to do what he did and i really look up to him because without the nuclear family and without the college education he still succeeded in life and provided hope for lost souls like me

Art as Activism

20 Feb

This weeks topic was to write about an artist or an activist that inspirers you. I could think of a few people, but recently i went on a field trip and something super inspired me.

So in San Francisco, in the mission, there is a street called Balmy Ally. Walking past, it might not look too unusual, until that is, you look down the street. All against the sides of the buildings, the most beautiful murals span the street.

Since 1972, murals have been added to the Balmy Ally collection, as a form of reclaiming space. The murals express the history of displacement and oppression that the Chicano/a community face in this country, and in SF.

I think one of the most influential forms of activism is art, because you can see a history for generations to come, and with that, it inspires the next generation to change their own. For examples, the murals in Balmy Ally inspired the La Lucha Continua Art Park/La Lucha Mural Park in New York City.

Pieces like this, and Art as Activism, inspire me alot. They inspire me to learn my history an culture, and to use art as a ground to inspire movement in others. Art is a big part of the LYRIC culture, and what we do in Trasnsmagic.

I encourage everyone to use their talent to inspire change!



p.s, i dont remember how to insert pics, so i encourage everyone in the Bay Area to check out Balmy Ally for yourselves!

An Artist That Inspires Me

18 Feb

One artist that inspires me Is Esperanza Spalding. What inspires me about her is that she is a female artist who plays bass and sings. Her Melodies and time signatures and lyrical themes are very unique to her song “Precious” is very empowering. Because it displays the feelings of a lover who asks for things that you cant really give i got that from the phrase.
“But I’m not gonna sit around
And waste
My precious divine energy
Trying to explain
And being ashamed of things
You think are wrong with me
I’m not gonna sit around
And waste” -Esperanza spalding-Precious

Which just says it all!

18 Feb

Keith Haring, 1989

After reading this piece by Yoko Ono, I immediately adopted it into my dogma. She wrote:

Start your [movement] tomorrow, and you will see that it spreads and covers the world very fast and, meanwhile, makes you a Small Pebble Person.

Small Pebble People are people who know that small pebbles, when they’re dropped in the ocean, will immediately affect the ocean of the whole wide world.

Don’t throw a big stone. It scares people and creates repercussions.
Just drop a small pebble.

We’ll keep doing it. Together….
That’s how the world gets changed…by Small Pebble People.

We change, and the world changes.

Yoko Ono, 2010

When I reflect back on my life so far, I find that parts of me have really been shaped by certain artists and activists. First, with Martin Luther King, Jr. I must have been in 2nd or 3rd grade when I first learned about him, and it changed my life. I was certain I wanted to be a part of some sort of movement. It was all just so inspiring to me, but I didn’t start working with community organizations until years later when I was 14, and even that was an accident (best accident of my life.)

The art we see at the top of this entry is by my favorite artist, Keith Haring. He singlehandedly convinced me to continue making art (well, not him since I’ve never met him, but his work and story.) There’s a big chance that you’ve seen his art before because it is everywhere. He passed away in the 1990s from AIDS, and spent the last few years of his life using art to educate people about HIV/AIDS and set up The Keith Haring Foundation.
When I think of Keith and when I look of his art, one word comes to mind: energy. There is so much energy in all that he did and in photographs of him… I am always sad that I never got to meet him; I was born two years after he passed away. I’m sure that he was an incredible person. His art really is just music.. visually, it looks so deceptively simple, but his strokes and lines are inimitable and the messages that come across are so deep and profound…

There is one more person I would like to highlight, and that is Yves Saint Laurent. Fashion is a really big part of my life, and one that I find hard to “integrate” into my identity as a community worker, because it is so expensive and there is a lot of bullshit in the fashion industry. Yet, I’m convinced that there is no solid line between community work and fashion; after all, fashion is linked to identity. Our appearances and clothes are one way we express who we are.
Furthermore, I believe that I can be interested in fashion and still be substantial, despite the fact that I’ve been told the opposite for years.

Yves Saint Laurent changed my life. I fell head over heels for his clothes and I wasn’t prepared for it. In 2008, the deYoung Museum held a retrospective of his work, and I had never seen anything so beautiful before. I literally cried. I didn’t know what came over me. I think it was the fact that one person could create all this beauty–it just stunned me.
To me, he is a good example of how designers can be allies in the fashion industry. He was one of the first big designers to use black models in his shows, and he once told French Vogue they could not have his clothes in their magazine if they did not put a black model on their cover. His “Le Smoking” suits caused a revolution. I remember reading a quote from him–I don’t remember exactly what he said–but he basically said that his clothes, like the Le Smoking suit, were his way of supporting the women’s rights movement.

I mean, isn’t that beautiful? Everyone has their part in supporting a movement, no matter what their work or profession is. Even those in fashion, who are often seen as superficial, snobby, stupid, self-absorbed…

There are many more artists and activists who have helped shape who I am today, and I hope to write about them in the future, because they all deserve to be talked about!

V xx

My Community

18 Feb

Yoo, Que Bola?! (Whats Good?!). .

Part 1:Today I touched down at My Community’s. .

Havana Cuba/San Francisco , CA

You Know?. . CUBA where the Bright Sun Reveals Your Personality

Shadows Walk With You For Miles

In Company Off Hard Work. .

Mother At Home Cooking For Her Family

While Her Health Gets Worse. .

Hand Washed Clothes

Making Sure Her Son Goes Fresh To School. .

Reggeton , Salsa Is What We Dance To. .

Yo Soy Reppa

Yo Soy Mi Communidad

Havana Cuba. .

Part 2: Today I touched down at My Community’s. .

Havana Cuba/San Francisco , CA

You Know?. . SF Where The City Winds Roam. .

Cold, Ocean Beach(La Playa), Busses To Go Home. .

Big Coats , Black Hoody’s ,Tims, J’s , & Holister. .

Jeans, That Make You Walk With Style. .

Sweats, To Make You Confortable. .

New Fashion Every Month To Get Rid Of Last Weeks Shirt. .

Family’s Trying To Be In

A Stabled Home. .

My Community Is I

The Famous Bridge That Connects One Another

Bay Area. .


Today . .Today. . Forever I Touched Down In My Community. .

Told That Woman Are Ment For Men. .

And Men Are Ment For Woman

Never Has That Been The Law Of Sex

So I Go With My Belief

I am Woman & I Love Woman.

Ive Been Told I Cant Be. .

My Community Is Me. .

So Do You Have Pride In Your Community?



16 Feb

The Hug, New York City, 1980 by Nan Goldin

The community that I spend most of my efforts being an ally to is the transgender community.

First, I’ll have to recognize that there are many different communities within the “transgender community”. Most important thing to know? We can’t ever put everyone into boxes and expect that it supports their individual identities and experiences! But here I’m going to refer to the larger trans community as a whole.

Being a “good” ally is a continuing process. I don’t think it ever ends because there’s always more to learn.

We recognize sexism, racism, heterosexism, and classism (to name a few) as parts of the SYSTEMS OF OPPRESSION. These systems are set up in a way that allows those who hold privilege to be unaffected by its bullshit. The privilege-holders simply don’t have to think about any of it or even realize that they have privilege, because they have never known anything different.

This is why it is so important for allies to recognize that they hold privilege–doing so is a step towards challenging power dynamics. It makes the power dynamic visible and more tangible.

When I first began learning about feminism, I was pretty confused. I knew that girls and women are not always treated right–as a girl, this was/is my experience–but I couldn’t put into words just exactly what was wrong. So I slowly began to learn how to explain it by reading feminist blogs and some interesting books. I learned that we live in a culture called “rape culture” where violence against women is accepted or even celebrated, and where women are blamed for the actions of others. I learned about the glass ceiling and about how women are still paid less than men for doing the same job. There are issues that are concrete and easier to share information about using numbers (like the glass ceiling information), and then there are some that are more difficult, like rape culture, because it is just so deeply rooted and exists in such fluid forms.

Boys and men have shaken their head in disbelief when I’ve tried to explain that sexism still exists in all different shapes, forms, and sizes, and from that I’ve learned that just because I don’t see oppression doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

So, back to the original topic. From my time doing work within the queer community, I’ve noticed that there is a huge divide between different communities that exist within the larger queer community. The abbreviation I sometimes hear is “LGBTQQIA” (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and asexual) but I most often hear “LGBT”.
Lesbian, gay, and bisexual are all words that pertain to sexuality. Transgender refers to gender identity. And this is something that has tripped people up for forever.

I’ve heard some people state that trans folks should not be included in “LGBT”, which frankly is ridiculous, because trans and gender variant folks have been a part of (and *cough* LED) this so-called “gay” rights movement from the beginning. Let’s recognize that gender and sexuality are two different things, but that doesn’t mean that trans folks should be cast out from this community. I think the desire for this exclusion comes partly because *some* queer folks don’t understand what it means to hold cissexual privilege… and don’t care to recognize that they have this privilege, because we are SO used to ~complaining~ about the injustices we face.

Cissexual: simply, it means non-transgender. Someone who is cissexual’s gender identity is the same as the sex they were assigned at birth.

Okay, I’ll admit it–I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed, in general, by people who claim to be so progressive or believe in “equality for all” when they cannot even admit that they hold privilege over others because of a power structure like racism, adultism, classism, or cissexism. There’s always this talk about the problems “OTHERS” cause onto us as a queer community–queer people vs. straight people. Can we be real and talk about all the bullshit we inflict upon each other, within this community?

I’ll have to cut it short, since this entry is getting way too long. I will continue this soon. As you may have guessed, I have a lot to say on this subject.

V xx

Pants & Allyship

16 Feb

So this week we’re talking bout who we’re allies too.

this is tough, cause being an ally means a lot of different things to me. Cause pretty much I try to be there for anyone who isn’t a bum. I can’t really describe it but if someone has like a good soul (I know sounds random but just roll with it for a bit K?) then I want to support them in their struggle with life. cause everyone has struggles, just cause someone might have hella privilege doesn’t mean at some point they won’t need some help. It doesn’t really matter who they are.  Being an ally means you not only support others, but know what bits of yourself you can use to defeat the fucked up  stuff that others have to deal with.

In general, I want help people. im not about to be like “oh your a straight white dude so im not gonna be an ally you”  i might if your close minded toward the queer world, or toward youth, but as long as your open minded to stuff you may not understand or necessarily agree with, we can be chill.

anyways, thats my thoughts for the day.

catch you next week. stop by Transmagic and see whats the T!!!


Allyship to Trans

13 Feb

One of the many communities that I’m an ally to is the trans community. How I’m an ally is I respecting gender pronouns and respecting there names chosen. A majority of trans people prefer you not to use there birth names. I personally believe that people shouldn’t be called out of there name ever without consent. The other way I’m an ally is by respecting gender pronouns. If someone wants to be looked at as female, male, gender queer etc. I respect that because I feel its best to look at people for who they are and accept them for those reasons alone. The important thing is the heart of that person a person with a good heart should be a respected one. The important thing is to not be catty because its one of the things that don’t facilitate allyship. Because its not respectfully in most situations because it is used to put others down and not build them up. I conclude with this sage wisdom… “One is strong many are powerful!” – Dennis Jones I hope that inspires you to become an ally to many communities and give the support to strengthen and inspire positive social change in and outside of your own community.