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29 Mar

Style is a choice

style is an expression

style is choice

style is brilliance

style is art

style is is fashion

what fashion truly is is something good to look at its making your outerwear For me it is something to always play with and think of new ideas. I dont necessarily wear clothes for status or price i wear it to work it out and look sickening. Some clothes are very gendered while other are neutral. Something i like to do is mix all of those together and make something my own. Its all about how you truly present yourself and the bravado of doing it.



28 Mar

Exspectations of  the woman with the long hair And bow tie On the front corner  of  head

With Bright Cherry Lipstick  and high cheek bones

With eyes that speak this identity is the Model of the Week.

Black Hoody And White-T, Baggy Jeans With some fresh Sneakz

Bean-E with Slickk Hair Underneath

That’s the “Look” of the “Street”

Skinny Jeans With Fitted Shirt

“Nice” Hair Spikes


Day And Night

jump inside your love….. with sequins

28 Mar

“We are persons of quality, I assure you, and women of fashion, and come to see and to be seen.”- Ben Johnson

yesterday, i went with lyric and larkin youth to see brittney spears, and her first performance she was dressed in a fierce sequiney one piece leotard. im starting to adore leotards, mainly because they make me look good when i put one on. i like it when i see specially made one with sequins and lights (brittney had a red lighted leotard for her third song).

i love big hair. i thing that the higher the hair, the seriously your tooken. i like wearing curly hair because i feel like people find me beautiful. its kind of wierd when i wear straight hair because then people feel like artificial for me  to straighten it. i like when the drag queens wear hairspray made wigs that touch ceilings, with sickening side swoops, and it goes down to your butt. its shows the emphasis on your drag. makeup is really important in drags and fashion. your eitha looking for a clear clean cut look or your doin sickening fierce drags with some powder…!

even though i struggle in heels, i do envy a woman who knows how to handle her heels. it comes natural to sway your hips and walk tall then dragging your feet or stumbling like your fresh out of a club in castro at 1 in the morning. i feel that if your walk is right then you can handle the high heels and stilletto. but, if your like me and you kant handle the heel, i choose wedgies and short but cute heels, not the heel your grandmother rocks.

Fashion For The People.

28 Mar

Ok so this week, we are talking bout fashion stuff. for me I don’t care about what you where as long as you rock it. because we all have different tastes and who the hell am I to judge if you wanna wear black skinny jeans with a blue shirt even if i think that doesn’t match. lol clothes should fit a persons identity, which means whatever you like.

No but seriously wear what feels good to you, like today im rocking chucks with baggy jeans and my tattoo shit. (I actually am running out of clothes to wear because i haven’t done my laundry in a while but whateve’s. ) but if you wanna wear like idk a dress with combat boots, DO IT, who cares what people say if your not “doing what your suppose to do” who made up stupid rules about what people can and can’t wear? I dunno but I say to hell with that.  ima wear clothes that I like, not the ones my mum picked out for me cause they were deemed fit by some age old rule.

alright so for hair. personally I love when people have  Mohawks or faux-hawks, with dyes. Also mullets and rattails with random bits shaved off.  im working on growing out my hair to have a long mohawk. or i might get dreads. or both. debating.

anyways that all for this week. here’s a vid.

its a mix how low by Ludacris /Threshold 8 bit  Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.


Fashion and Politics

28 Mar

This is an internet meme called Elitist Fashionista. It is really funny. They feature model Sasha Pivovarova, this one with my pre-bedtime ritual: BRUSH TEETH, REMOVE MAKEUP, PRAY TO REI KAWAKUBO. (Rei is the creator and designer of COMME DES GARCONS.)

“You’re considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.” –Sofia Coppola

I think there’s a certain shame attached to caring about fashion. At least, I know that people have tried to make me feel bad for caring. And I think that a lot of “fashion people” purposely push themselves to fit into the snobby, superficial “fashionista” stereotype because others assume they’ll be that way.

I’ve thought about this for a while. What I’ve come to understand is that fashion/the fashion “world” can be intimidating, so some people don’t even try to be a part of it because they can’t identify with it. (What people don’t know that there is something for everyone in that world. And what those designers create affect what everyone wears in our first world/capitalist society, down to the clothes that are sold at second-hand stores and Walmart.)

Of course, I don’t think that everyone should be interested in fashion, the same way I’m not interested in sports. But I do think that because we all wear clothes (with the exception of some folks) we all are related to the fashion world somehow.

More importantly, appearance is tied to identity. I have always been conscious of the fact that my appearance communicates to the world about who I am. At least, others will make assumptions about who I am based on what I look like, and let’s be honest–we ALL make assumptions about others based on appearance every day. And an interest in someone’s appearance makes me all the more interested in them as an individual. This can also be analyzed through the lens of gender or the lens of culture.

For people who care about social justice issues: do not write fashion off as being “too superficial” and unworthy of attention. There are a ton of issues that need to be addressed, most obviously fatphobia (or sizeism?), racism, and classism. I think some activists have tried to address the issues in the fashion world, but what’s been wrong is that most of them are not interested in fashion and don’t know anything about it. I mean, why should anyone care about what they say if they don’t even know our references, our culture, the history? Similar to how queer folks should be the ones leading the queer rights movement, folks who are interested in fashion should be the ones leading the changes in the industry.

For people who are interested in fashion: do not see fashion as separate from politics. It is not. First of all, I believe that everything is political, whether or not we want or intend it to be. And in general, I’m sick of political apathy. It’s lazy and it doesn’t help anyone. There is an endless amount of things we can address in the industry, from getting designers to hire more models who are people of color to the unsustainability of fast fashion.

To finish this off, I want to highlight something that a lot of people forget: fashion should be fun. It should not be intimidating, scary, strict, or boring. And even if you have no intention of exploring designers or what’s going on in the industry, don’t try to shame others for being interested. One of the most influential designers in my life, Yves Saint Laurent, once said, “dressing is a way of life.” And no matter who you are, I think that reigns true.



28 Mar

Really, I’m not the one to talk to about fashion. Not the stuff on runways, or magazines, or all that kinda stuff. Perssonal fashion, i can do, but you know…..

Anyway, something about fashion. My fashion consists of consignment store clothing, or anything that i can get for sale, that in my mind is both nerdy, and cute. So, bow ties, button down, things that will match the ever changing colors of my mohawk….

One blog i like, about queer fashion is: and totally worth checking out!

also, some videos about finding clothing for AFAB people who want to wear “men’s” shirts:

Interesting Transwoman blog, has cool stuff on clothing/makeup 😀

Have a lovely week, ya’ll!


This Song. Stuck In My Head. All Day

22 Mar

skip to like a min and a half. 

One way I respect a friend.

22 Mar

I feel in all relationships it is good to have some mutual respect and understanding of one another. The thing about my type of respect is to keep things mutual I will tell a friend if I feel like i haven’t been treated well. I hope that they would do the same instead of letting things linger. The sooner things are dealt with the easier it is to heal. I always give my friends a chance to tell me how to respect them if they take the time to tell me I will take the time to listen and do something about it. A lot of the time we forget to  set certain boundaries for the safety of a relationship. Showing appreciation also fits here say thank you and be thankful that there there but not showing such its like not acknowledging there efforts or valuing there time spent pulling something together.

I’m really thankful that i have really great co workers who inspire me to be a better me everyday. I really appreciate the opportunity to blog and share experiences and thoughts with everyone. I really value being here and everyones presence and energy. I want to thank Vannessa Li for bringing forth the idea of the blog for us all to share our experiences with eachother. I really appreciate her efforts with this and how i’m going to honor it is by striding harder and harder to make better blogs for everyone as the weeks progress.

Honoring and appreciating a friends efforts is one way i respect them. Those two things are really the keys to acknowledgment to me.

Friendships In School

21 Mar

When i was in elementary school, friends were always hard to come up on. this really shifted my way of thinking at an early age because i always played by myself, and hand wondered if because im by myself if i was wierd or was i not important. i also hit puberty at an early age, so i always looked like i was older then i really was. i felt like a sourthumb graduating, bacuase i looked older and because i was the only tanned one walking the stage.


In middle school, i started to hang outside in my community, and this often led to me staying out late with the bad crew doing bad things. i was always taken advantage of and made to look like im the weak sauce of the group. i never went to school in 6th grade because i was in a gang and i often fought with people at school. i never really was accepted at this school, so i sat in the cafeteria and eat n hangout when i didnt have class. i once got into a fight with some girl because her boyfriend liked me and nobody helped me, or backed me up like my gangmates did. in the 7th grade i finally hung around people at school, and for a little bit there was no drama. then rumors started passing around and again i was the target for drama and violence. this girl one said “u have to pay me to speak to her”. i never understood why i felt accepted with these girls, but that year we started the posse, and she still never tuned up or sang with me. my grandmother died while i was in 7th grade, and i went crazy for a year about what im living for on this earth

in the 8th grade, i kicked it around mainly guys, because i decided that female friends were too much, and also because this girl who was trying to be my friend stabbed me in the back. i used to be in the “white washed” group, bacause the girl lived the valley girl dream. i felt accepted because one of the girls was from nigeria, but she had rejected her culture and me. so me and this one girl gotten kicked out of the group for drama the other minions started, and we had to finish by my homegurl fighting my other homegurl. it was crazy cause i was torn apart. they harrassed her, so i stayed neutral and remain good friends with all on them.  i had also hung around this boy because he was new to and people thought that he was acting “too black to be asian”.i started to go to the music class and gotten in to the groove of the kids there. i graduated with people screaming my name and more confidence about what i should be doing in life. i was living with my mother that year, and i hated her because she had no sese in friend unless she was using them for what she needs. i started to run away to my childhood friend who imma tell u about inna little. after running away, i decided that i was going to dedicate my life to gettin to knw as many people as i could

in high school, i didnt get many friends, but my list of enemies grew. i had boyfriends that i dont talk to anymore. my cousin and my childhood friend, helped me through the first 2 year of high school. my childhood friend was the only one in my gang who still talk to me. i knw her since i was 10, and she still holds me down. ever since i started to work at lyric i improved my communication skills, and now i have a network of people. a whole family of people from lyric and other non profits and from castro. im nw a castro kid and its fun. i feel accepted n comfortable around all these people because they keep it real and help me instead of abuse or harrass me as a friend. this is my spoof on friendship……

Friendship Recipe

21 Mar

1/2 of laughter
1 tbsp of hurtful gossip
2 cups of trust
2 cups of honesty
1 egg
1/3 cup of milk

Mix all together until smooth and preheat oven to 350 lay even in pan let cook for 30 mins take out to cool for 5 minutes and enjoy