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Kids by B.o.B ft Janelle Monae!!

25 Apr

This isn’t the legit vid, but the song is hecka good!!!! Enjoy


OMG, I love FOODSTUFF !!!!

25 Apr

If you haven’t guessed we are talking about food,  and bromies I got tons to talk about. I could go on forever about food, seriously. but I got Africana homework to do so ima keep it brief.

So food, I don’t have a favorite food, wait thats a lie, I have lots of favorite foods the one that comes to mind is a Tangine, which is a North African Dish. You can make it vegi or with meat. I prefer to use chicken or lamb because I can really get it the juiciest.  (for all my vegetarian readers, im sorry, but I promise to make sure they meat is free range and stuff) but the spices, dude the spices. not only do they smell almost goddess like (don’t ask) but they taste freaking amazing. seriously, I’m telling you as your kinda friend, GO TO A NORTH AFRICAN RESTAURANT  AND TRY SOME  TANGINE!!! do it, and if you don’t like it. my bad. :p

Wow I went on a little longer then I thought……here are some Links to some recipes if you like to cook (like me!!)

If you’re younger then 18 or a a kluz (I am this) who will end up lighting something on fire, ask for help or get a cute friend who you have a crush on to help you.

you will get points for trying to cook. trust me. I know. ;p



Vegi Tangine

Lamb Tangine

Chicken Tangine


25 Apr

This is a picture of my mom and my aunt at afternoon tea… fancy! Cute! So Alice in Wonderland!

Everyone has that one friend who can’t cook anything… and I am that friend.

I want to learn, but I’ve never gotten around to doing it. Of course I can make ramen noodles, but so can my 8 year old cousin. So I probably shouldn’t be too proud of that.

I’m just going to share some of my favorite things to eat that you should try at least once.

SOBA (not soda) is one of my favorite things in the world. It is a buckwheat noodle and you can eat it cold or hot. I think a lot of people have heard of udon, but soba isn’t as popular for some reason. I think it’s supposed to be really healthy, too. I constantly get soba cravings, like this 9 am this morning on the train… I wanted soba sooo bad… but I don’t think they serve it for breakfast anywhere. I would recommend going around Japantown looking for a place to get soba. There are a few good ones, including one I went to 3x last week (I ordered the same thing every single time. I think pretty soon they will just call me ‘zaru soba girl.’)

Macarons from my favorite macaron place in Hayes Valley

MACARONS are commonly confused with/misspelled as “macaroons”, which are different things. I’m talking about that fancy French pastry that you probably saw in Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. I’m one of those people who take pictures of my food (well, sometimes) and for some reason, a lot of people commented that macarons look like little colored hamburgers. I mean, really? I guess. The texture doesn’t really look similar at all… Anyway, my favorite macaron place is in Hayes Valley and it’s called Paulette. They’re pretty expensive, so if you’re like me, you’ll only buy a box for yourself when you wanna treat yourself to something really nice. Like, I bought myself a box for Christmas, even though I don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s okay. You can also buy just one, but the box is sooo pretty. I think if you’re going to buy only a few, go to La Boulange. Theirs are good too.

A bowl of my dad’s handmade wonton (no noodles)

I think lastly, I will have to write about WONTON NOODLES! Sadly, I cannot recommend any good wonton noodle places to you, because I get the best homemade by my dad. (He doesn’t make the noodles, but he makes the wonton from scratch.) It’s like, the best soup, the best wonton, and the best noodles = the best bowl of wonton noodles. Back in Hong Kong, my dad and my uncle learned how to make wonton the good ol’ fashioned way (which I know nothing about, but I appreciate the outcome) and when my dad’s side of the family moved to San Francisco, they had a restaurant in Chinatown. I vaguely remember watching My Neighbor Totoro in the basement of the restaurant many times. I think the best wonton to be had, outside of my house, is in Hong Kong. Even their mall wonton noodles are good! I don’t know what the restaurants here are doing wrong. A lot of them make the wonton too big.. they are no good big. You can’t even eat them that way if they’re too hot, they just fall apart.

Anyway, end wonton rant… Please get something to eat! Enjoy !!


Woman myth of distrust

22 Apr

Myth of distrust

Its not a must to Love or Lust

For my own i gained respect

Never regect our own

Woman “you are mine, you belong to me”

Why? is the woman beside me stooping so low to live up the famous life

They tell us we have it good where we live

why not in our hood?

Hard working woman she crys to sleep at night

In the mirror she stairs not aware of the money for fair her children gone ask

Now she has to find her way home from a long day at work

Myth of distrust.

Hard working Woman

Definition Of My Distrust

12 Apr

As a woman i have seen the school yard fights over “the boy is mine” or “she thinks she’s cute.” Because of my sexuality i have never been involved in the scene but i have witnessed it. I never understood why women could not see over the minor problems and come together to be fierce rulers of the world, being that woman do control our population therefore playing a significant part in our society. Those altercations may differ with each individual occurrence but all the while breaking down the unity and trust of a younger generation of females, because then we are taught (by a scorned woman) “not to trust a woman around your man” or “girls who think they’re all that are trouble” but that’s where we go wrong we should encourage other woman to disregard the competition and stigma between women. who benefits from this ego trip. MALES because then they play women against each other for their own personal gain. therefore woman stand up unite and see what we can accomplish together.

In women we trust?

12 Apr

So this week we are talking about the myth of distrust which basically means that women cannot trust each other even if we had to ban together to fight in a zombie apocalypse. personally its not that I don’t trust women, its more that I have observed on several occasions that women tend to gossip and have violent tendencies that I want to avoid. Not that all women have this. Cause they don’t. or maybe its due to my own personal experience with hatred toward women that I have developed my own?

but why is it that women can’t/don’t trust each other? Is it because of a long history of misogyny that has been inbred into the core beliefs that women today know accept? whatever the reason it needs to end. ladies, not everyone is out to get you. I admit there are times when there can be some grudes or some fights about stuff, but that doesn’t mean that when the time comes we can’t trust each other to get each others back. We can’t afford not to with all this sexist, racism, and homophobia to at not try and get along. celebrate difference with the idea that yes i may not like your taste in fashion or your views on Rihanna and Chris Brown but we sometimes go through stuff that is unjust and should join forces to create a stronger stand against messed up stuff.

my myth of distrust, A.K.A. why i knt neva trust anybody

11 Apr

to trust u is to give my heart to u to hold.

errytyme you lie to me u hurt my heart

sumtymes i wonder if u thynk dhat im stupyd

by lying to me

im gulliable bt nt dhat much

i kan trust u holding my things bt i kant trust u wit my money

i kan tell pplz apart

im very observant of behavior

dnt get butt hurt doe kuz honestly

if u lie or steal frm sombody

den imma thynk before i do stuff wit u

bt if ur by my side

ryde or die

n u give me things lykk  i give u

den i kan trust that u wnt cheat me

stab me in the back

i run away frm he said she said

sumtymes my wall goes up

wen a gurl tries to talk to me


the game is full wit soo much swagg

that i fall in too easy

sumtymes my friends complain

they get butt hurt wen i wnt tell them certain thangs

i hav to protect my information

my sanity, my life, and things i got

i am very territorial bout my stuff

i feel sumtymes that pplz r out to get meh

the only times that i dnt be feelin diz way is wen im at a home

nt my home. i feel very unsafe dere

distrust has run my lyfe for many years

its my best protection

frm getttin eaten n spitted out

in diz world dog eat dog type of mess

only the strongest n dha smartest survive

diz mindset hasnt droven me crazy

bt it droven my mother nut nut

paranoia- its nt a problem

grimey, scandalous, throwing under the bus, selfish atitude- thats the problem

its an epidemic

that starts the mind of distrust.

The Myth of ‘Misstrust’

11 Apr

We all have our insecurities especially in the queer boy community. Particularly when it comes to relationships. Some of us don’t trust our friends around are men. Who knows they could go behind your back and try to take your man. “Try them out.” is one of the terms used in this which happens in all kinds of communities. How does this apply to the queer boy community? Its often that guys in out community stay looking for or at someone else who isn’t there other person. Which is kinda common if your a male. We are often taught at an early age that we are not good enough and have to show others how to be macho. One of the unspoken things about this is that holding and keeping and obtaining a partner is one other those things. In urban communities some guys get the notion of more is better especially when it comes to sexual partners. Its also shown throughout history in Asian and Middle eastern cultures a lot of the kings would have multiple partners to show status. Even now its shown as just that. This in conjunction with how the media trys to define what being masculine is. If i dont have A, B or C how can I keep a man… My friend has “A” and  “B” is he coming for my man? That is the thought process of people and that is the Myth Of distrust.

The Myth of Distrust

11 Apr

I want to get into this idea of the “Myth of Distrust.” What this basically means is that a group of people (e.g. girls/women, queer men) cannot trust each other because we all are in a contest to be the most beautiful, intelligent, popular, etc. The Myth of Distrust causes people in that group to gang up against each other, and it also causes hostility and feelings of inferiority.

I’ve seen how this myth affects how people treat and see each other in many different communities I identify with. I want to write about a larger picture, of how this affects girls, and more specifically girls who are femme or identify as feminine, such as myself.

Under sexism, women are subject to dealing with double standards. This is the most obvious one that I’ve been taught: as a girl, no matter how intelligent, creative, or _fill in the blank_ you are, you must be physically attractive for it to matter. And, if you are beautiful, you’re probably stupid.

When girls internalize this (sexist) message, inferiority automatically reigns. If a girl believes that she is worthless unless she is beautiful, she will believe that all girls are worthless unless they are beautiful. And she becomes obsessed with being the most beautiful so that others will like her–and like this, an internal contest has been created. Any girl who she perceives as more beautiful than her is either a b**ch or becomes her source of depression, and any girl she perceives as “ugly” gives her a false sense of pride and victory.

What she doesn’t know is that every “victory” she feels only keeps her down. There is no real contest. The point is that boys and men can continue doing whatever the hell they want because girls are too busy hating each other to notice the sexism at work. (Which means that boys benefit without struggle!)
Also, this keeps women from succeeding in life–career wise, and other aspects of life as well. Like I said earlier, this contest means that a woman’s achievements can be overlooked by her lack of physical attractiveness.

Contrary to what we’ve been taught, life really isn’t a contest. I’d rather build sisterhood by offering a shoulder for other girls to learn on. We all have shared experiences and unique experiences–imagine what could happen if we came together. We would be so much stronger. I know I still have a lot of work to do. My internal monologue still compares myself to other girls I see–it’s just a natural thing at this point. But it’s important to challenge that voice because it’s not doing anything good for me.

One last thought on internalized sexism
I can’t stand other girls. I can only be friends with guys.
Throughout my lifetime I’ve heard girls say this (or some variation of it) SO MANY times. I’ve probably said it before, too. This is a perfect example of internalized sexism. The usual explanation is that ALL girls are dramatic, fussy, and all around a pain to be around, so why would you want to be friends with them?
I mean, I wonder what would happen if we had all the girls who said this meet each other. After all, they’re the ones who only hang out with the boys and they might as well be one of the guys, right? So that makes them the only exception–they supposedly aren’t like “most” girls–they don’t consider themselves fake or judgemental. But they will perpetuate sexist ideas through false generalized statements and see it as separate from being dramatic.

Under sexism, we’re taught that men/masculinity is more important and admirable. For girls, I think most of us have at least ONE girl friend who we’re close to. And for many, it’s like “I hate girls… but she’s different, she’s cool, we’re like sisters.” The truth is, no matter who you are, there are hella girls out there like you. And assuming what a girl is like (and that you won’t like her) just because she’s a girl is internalized sexism rearing it’s ugly head.