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My Rebirth

31 May

Name:Brittanee L

Age: 13


I walk along the path
Unknown to others,
Newly discovered by me.
And see the colors.
They dance with each other,
But not with those unlike them.
Blue with blue,
Red with red,
Green with green,
With pink.
They are happy this way,
By the constant glares
Of the others who look in their direction,
Pointing, laughing, making jokes.
Blue is happy with blue.
Red is happy with red.
Green is happy with green.
Is happy with pink.

If this path
Were to be discovered,
The colors would fade,
Not showing their true selves,
For fear of being ridiculed,
For fear of being laughed at.
So blue joins pink,
Green with red.
Constant pain of this mask,
Trying to please all,
Not being what
They were meant to be.

But slowly, the colors separate.
Blue joins blue,
Red joins red,
Green joins green,
Joins pink.
The others point, laugh,
But the colors don’t mind.
They never apologize
For who they are.
They never apologize
For being what the others hate,
For what makes themselves happy.



31 May

It wasnt very difficult for me to say it… yes it the phrase synonymous with the queer community… Feared by many saying it bust down the closet door yes… that phrase that is so big… I AM GAY! *Gasp*… What makes my experience crazy is that it took about a year for me to fully come out. To put the cherry on top it was on Christmas. heh heh Merry Christmas.”Let me give you some of the comments a dialogue of that fantastically gay experience.

Me:Uhm mom…… Gay?

*She looks away then looks back*

Mom: Wait so your saying you like DUDES?

*She calls my dad in the room*

Mom: Tell your Father!

Me: I am gay.

Mom: You heard that your son wants a “vagina”! He has a vagina between his legs!

Me: No… its not like that i just like guys.

*Dad looks un-interested*

*I leave the room. Because i was over this conversation.”

Coming out is a process and you are forever telling people. This it never ends and many reactions not always positive. the worst reaction came from a queer guy who was straight up like ” your gay? ewww?” The irony of this is that everyone in the school thought he was gay, Some of the worst reactions can come from places where you don’t expect. Coming out is an experience. That should be done, It allows you to grow in many ways and meet more people. for me it gave me the opportunity to learn about other and myself simultaneously.

As a black person. You can end up not being considered masculine anymore as if you were castrated when you came out. You are treated differently by some and not all. Never forget that coming out as gay is only something your revealing to others and is a small piece of you. Keep in mind that. We are all growing individuals changing for whatever better is in our lives there is never a worst because we all have experiences to make us stronger. Plus take the time to do what makes you happy that makes things better. I had music so i focused on that than i did alot of work in the queer community which lyric provided. Finding community by itself is a powerful experience by itself. Thank you for reading!

Coming Out

30 May

By my favorite artist, Keith Haring, 1988

I feel lucky that I’ve had support around being queer from the beginning. My best friend came out in 8th grade, and I didn’t start questioning my sexuality until I was a sophomore or junior in high school. By then, I had a circle of 3-4 close friends.. most of whom were queer.. and were totally supportive when queer Vanessa busted out. That summer, I was in training for my first job at a community organization, and my co-workers (other youth and my supervisors) were super supportive too. It was nice.

There are people I’m still not out to, like most of my family (my sister knows and is cool with it.) My parents… kinda know… I think. We haven’t openly talked about it or acknowledged it. I think it’ll eventually happen, I mean I will talk about it with them eventually, but it’s not the first thing on my mind right now.

When I first came out as a lesbian (I don’t identify as such anymore) I felt a strong need to prove to others that I was, in fact, a lesbian. I would dress in what I thought would make me “look” queer and have some rainbow trinket on me so that people could “tell.” For me, that was all part of the process of experimenting and figuring out what feels right. Nowadays I identify as queer/pansexual and I find that I come out to a lot of people in different ways. I come out to non-queer people as queer and I come out to queer people as like.. sometimes dating straight cis guys. And maybe I would be a little more worried about coming out if I wasn’t so used to doing it all the time already. And I’m finally at a place where I’ve accepted the fluidity in my identity. So like, if I like guys more at a certain time… and don’t really care the next moment… it’s all good.

The last thing I want to write about is how coming out is political.
Okay, I think that everything is political, whether or not people want to acknowledge it. It just depends on what light you see it in. But coming out is really political, even in the smallest ways…

I was at a conference earlier this year and in one of the workshops, we broke up into groups of 4-5 people and shared personal stories. Note: this was not a queer-specific conference. Someone in my group shared something about having to “accept gay people” and pretty much said it in a way that told me they assumed no one in our group is queer. So when it was my turn to share, I came out. And in my head I was like, “YEAH check your assumptions.” I’m guessing if I looked like what they thought queer people look like, they wouldn’t have shared what they did. But because I “pass” as straight, they felt OK in saying that. So I showed that queer people who look like me exist.

You never know, something as little as that could blow someone’s mind.

At the end of the day, if you’re queer or trans, it is not your job to educate people or to come out in order to prove something. I’m just one of those people who have decided to do so as much as I feel comfortable. But I would never ask everyone to do the same.


Coming Out

27 May

I arrived in this world on Feb.1993

Withheld my identity my mom did not  know of well of course she knew i was born as a female

I was born with a culture

There it held my Cuban roots and enough “Machismo” for a woman to have posture and nicely fitted clothes

I on the other hand was in between both

Didn’t feel the confort of the waiste line jeans hugging my hips with a shirt that says “I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND” in -Pink nor Victoria Secrect launduray (Though SOME perfumes do smell lightweight good) Ahaa..

But Relax with my jeans in style as the wind blows them side to side and as simple as a white-T

No, No, No i don’t call it coming out the closet
i would call it being myself Baby Locs

this is me and very proud of who i am today nothing changed

I Love women aswell as i love myself because then who will

-One Love, Baby Locs

Life For A Day In My Shoes

25 May

6am – Run in the park to work my body release my thoughts and tune out the world

9am – Television watches me as my mind goes threw todays agenda

10am – internet browsing to catch up on current events, lastest gossip, and social networking

11am-3pm – Homework Time and work stuff

4pm-7pm – LYRIC Training where we prepare wonderful agendas for our community building group that week

7pm-Sleep – My Free Time

This is What Dreeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmmssss Are Made Of……..

18 May

So you. YES YOU. You dare to ask what the day in the life of Supreme Time Lord Maxwell is like?!


This just for your enjoyment

So. I usually wake up at like 11. It so rocks that I dont have school or work till the afternoon. Before school ended i would go to American Sign Language class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was an ok class, it was kinda review for me. We spent a lot of times on numbers and tic tac toe 😛 But it was a fun class, because i would hang out with all the weird people in the corner and teach them awkward things in sign.

Then I go to work, Where i enjoy the company of the Lovely Queer Educators. THEY ARE LOVELY, OK? I usually try to convince everyone to watch Doctor Who. Usually fails, but sometimes, ya know, it just works. I usually but a burrito, too.

Then i trek back to Oakland, where i help the cousin with the munchkin, do some cleaning, and then stay up till 3 in the morning watching Avatar the Last Airbender, and playing Zelda and Mario Bros on my Gameboy Color.

than i9 sleep! Thus, the day of Max.

for Ya’ll


A day in the life of pantalones.

18 May

so my days are really sometimes a little boring cause im in school currently. but here’s what happens

I wake up around 6:00, or 4;00 am if i get a txt message. it takes me about half an hour to get outta bed, cause its still dark and cold outside.  usually I pick clothes the night before, but if i’m super lazy there will be a stack of laundry that I’ll pick something from. I grab my books and laptop (that i bring everywhere) and my ipod.

School : 5 hours of boredom mixed in with 3 hours of doctor who and tumblr.

bus rides are my favorite part of my day. I like to listen to my ipod while being around all the different sights and smells (the good smelling smells tho) and it relaxs me and gets me feeling like my regular calm self.

most of my day consists of me day dreaming and thinking about all the stuff I got going on, like my friends, work stuff and my non-existent yet highly confusing love life. sometimes I’ll write on the bus or when im not doing aything at work, which will end up to be a three to 10 pages story complete with plot and action sequences.

but back to a day. ummmm….I usually talk with max about nerd stuff. alot. me and him sorta are hecka good mates and love to have conversations that make no sense to anyone but us.

a good day ends with me falling asleep on the phone for the third time that week with my girl,  and an even better night is when I get to sleep over at her house.

sometimes at night their will be not so fun times, so i’ll stay up super late and write parts of my story till i can calm down and sleep again.  but it works cause then I also get lots of homework done.

anyways this is my day and maybe i’ll add another day next week. or somthing. maybe make a vid.

i’ll let you know.

till then Allons-y!!!! (doc who reference. lol)

A day in the Life of Dennis Jones

17 May

7am : I wake up in the morning pondering issues that society struggles with, the lines that devide us, and what makes me whole as an individual. I reflect on this for an hour at this time i eat or prepare a meal to eat or do chores.

8am : I sit in lotus position to further acknowledge the things i can’t change about the world and to change those things i must model them to inspire others to be the best them.

9am  : I shower and groom when needed while listening to jazz or classical in the morning. This hour I get ready for work…

10am : If i have time from the inspiring and relaxing meditative experience of showering to jazz music. I will play classical and jazz piano before work to let out some of my creative energy.

11am : I head to work. On the way to work I look out for the beauties in nature which is everything. I get an overall feeling of awe at this moment of my day

12pm : I get to work I say hello to all of my co workers and ki-ki with them about issues relevant to our lives and get lunch.

1pm : I have a Meeting

2pm : I go into drop in at lyric to socialize with my peers in the community to see there needs from groups and to talk about issues relevant to them.

3pm : The same as 2pm

4pm-7pm: This is training where all the queer educators get together and learn and discuss issues in the community and world. We also get trained on relevant skills that can transcend and be used in everyday life.

7pm : I take a deep breath and start reflecting on the day. Maybe get something to eat.

8pm : Arrive at home the first thing that I do is wash my hands. Than I shower and change into my pajamas at this time

9pm :I watch youtube videos and look at social media till i get tired and go to bed

Thats a day in my life…


16 May

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In the Life of Baby Locs. .

13 May

I wake up with a strech to relax the stress on my neck-Relax

Look out the window and wonder what im gone do next- Find Out

Get up and fix my bed Fold my sheets and find a fit-Prepare

Head to the restroom and brush my teeth

Handle bussiness cause its PG

Take a shawor warm with soap

Shampoo wash up and let all dirt go-Stay Fresh

Be in the shawor for a Hot Min

Get out fresh and get fitted -Swag

Missed Calls on My Metro

+ Text Messages i havent read tho -Contact

And yes other than the Morning Set up To Night

They’re goes “Hater’s” But i dont call them that

Better to name them is ” Stranger’s” Because they dont know me

Then a day in my life is to think

Pefect Example Think about why would i call them Stranger’s

 because They’r are Celebreties in this world and they are quick to judge we dont know them aswell as they dont know us

I consider myself one if I find someone passing judgements upond me.-Think

Continue my day compliments with shades,Jeans,Shirt And a Jacket of course i live in the city and it is cold

Reminis about good timez with my folkz ones that passed others that are out an d “Grown”

A day in my life is a state of mind keep your head up and everything will go fine.

                      -Baby Locs