A day in the life of pantalones.

18 May

so my days are really sometimes a little boring cause im in school currently. but here’s what happens

I wake up around 6:00, or 4;00 am if i get a txt message. it takes me about half an hour to get outta bed, cause its still dark and cold outside.  usually I pick clothes the night before, but if i’m super lazy there will be a stack of laundry that I’ll pick something from. I grab my books and laptop (that i bring everywhere) and my ipod.

School : 5 hours of boredom mixed in with 3 hours of doctor who and tumblr.

bus rides are my favorite part of my day. I like to listen to my ipod while being around all the different sights and smells (the good smelling smells tho) and it relaxs me and gets me feeling like my regular calm self.

most of my day consists of me day dreaming and thinking about all the stuff I got going on, like my friends, work stuff and my non-existent yet highly confusing love life. sometimes I’ll write on the bus or when im not doing aything at work, which will end up to be a three to 10 pages story complete with plot and action sequences.

but back to a day. ummmm….I usually talk with max about nerd stuff. alot. me and him sorta are hecka good mates and love to have conversations that make no sense to anyone but us.

a good day ends with me falling asleep on the phone for the third time that week with my girl,  and an even better night is when I get to sleep over at her house.

sometimes at night their will be not so fun times, so i’ll stay up super late and write parts of my story till i can calm down and sleep again.  but it works cause then I also get lots of homework done.

anyways this is my day and maybe i’ll add another day next week. or somthing. maybe make a vid.

i’ll let you know.

till then Allons-y!!!! (doc who reference. lol)


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