This is What Dreeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmmssss Are Made Of……..

18 May

So you. YES YOU. You dare to ask what the day in the life of Supreme Time Lord Maxwell is like?!


This just for your enjoyment

So. I usually wake up at like 11. It so rocks that I dont have school or work till the afternoon. Before school ended i would go to American Sign Language class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was an ok class, it was kinda review for me. We spent a lot of times on numbers and tic tac toe 😛 But it was a fun class, because i would hang out with all the weird people in the corner and teach them awkward things in sign.

Then I go to work, Where i enjoy the company of the Lovely Queer Educators. THEY ARE LOVELY, OK? I usually try to convince everyone to watch Doctor Who. Usually fails, but sometimes, ya know, it just works. I usually but a burrito, too.

Then i trek back to Oakland, where i help the cousin with the munchkin, do some cleaning, and then stay up till 3 in the morning watching Avatar the Last Airbender, and playing Zelda and Mario Bros on my Gameboy Color.

than i9 sleep! Thus, the day of Max.

for Ya’ll



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