31 May

It wasnt very difficult for me to say it… yes it the phrase synonymous with the queer community… Feared by many saying it bust down the closet door yes… that phrase that is so big… I AM GAY! *Gasp*… What makes my experience crazy is that it took about a year for me to fully come out. To put the cherry on top it was on Christmas. heh heh Merry Christmas.”Let me give you some of the comments a dialogue of that fantastically gay experience.

Me:Uhm mom…… Gay?

*She looks away then looks back*

Mom: Wait so your saying you like DUDES?

*She calls my dad in the room*

Mom: Tell your Father!

Me: I am gay.

Mom: You heard that your son wants a “vagina”! He has a vagina between his legs!

Me: No… its not like that i just like guys.

*Dad looks un-interested*

*I leave the room. Because i was over this conversation.”

Coming out is a process and you are forever telling people. This it never ends and many reactions not always positive. the worst reaction came from a queer guy who was straight up like ” your gay? ewww?” The irony of this is that everyone in the school thought he was gay, Some of the worst reactions can come from places where you don’t expect. Coming out is an experience. That should be done, It allows you to grow in many ways and meet more people. for me it gave me the opportunity to learn about other and myself simultaneously.

As a black person. You can end up not being considered masculine anymore as if you were castrated when you came out. You are treated differently by some and not all. Never forget that coming out as gay is only something your revealing to others and is a small piece of you. Keep in mind that. We are all growing individuals changing for whatever better is in our lives there is never a worst because we all have experiences to make us stronger. Plus take the time to do what makes you happy that makes things better. I had music so i focused on that than i did alot of work in the queer community which lyric provided. Finding community by itself is a powerful experience by itself. Thank you for reading!


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