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Vanessa ♥: June 2011

13 Jun

The theme for this week is FAVORITES, and to celebrate the month of June, which just HAPPENS to be my favorite month, I’m sharing my favorite things about it.

Ever since graduating high school a year ago, one of the hardest things has been seeing my close friends move away for college. (I am that friend who stayed home… and complained about it… and complained… but had my own reasons to staying.) However, in a way, distance makes the heart grow fonder (what a true cliché), and it’s so exciting when friends return for summer. I even have a special song for this occassion:

The opening lyrics sing: Come home in the summer. Live a life that you miss. It’s alright. I’ll fill you in. Don’t you wait for me to call your name again.

I’ve already had some very awesome memorable summer moments with my prodigal sons friends (?), such as going to Yelle’s show and meeting her (super sweet, and she wore a really cool pretzel necklace), taking teen witch-inspired photos in the park, and having my friend accidentally burn me. Oh wait. Maybe not that last part. It was memorable, at least.

I find that I become so sleepy during the winter, and it’s such an intense mode of sleepiness/feeling down in the dumps that it takes all spring for me to wake up, and finally in June I spring back alive. I finally feel busy again. It has to do with finally finishing up projects which have been in the works for months, the (slightly) better weather, planning summer trips, and seeing friends again. Overall, June is a month of change for me and halfway through 2011, I really need the refreshment.

I’ll admit that I don’t feel as excited as usual for Pride weekend, but I feel that my mentality overall has become more relaxed. This year I just want to chill, meet new people, and have a good time. And I definitely want to KEEP IT CUTE. That’s very important to me, to not go overboard and regret a bunch of things I did the week after Pride weekend. I also have a couple of friends coming to visit San Francisco and I really want to show them around. I love playing tour guide. It makes me feel useful as a San Fran native. Because, you know, my status as a SF native is usually just good for complaining about muni. And for justifying my weirdness.

Overall, June just feels like a month of hope, excitement, and good vibes (ugh no, I don’t mean the store, as awesome as it is.) I’m also going to Southern California right at the end of June, so it’ll be exciting. I think this month will change the entire shape of 2011 for me. I can hope.



The Favorites Of Flyykiddfresh

13 Jun

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Book: True 2 The Game

Favorite Outfit I Own: Camo shorts, sweatshirt and converse

Favorite Rapper: Jay-Z

Favorite School Subject: P.E

Favorite Moment: Meeting Lil’ Bow Wow and B2k

Favorite Song:Hail Mary- Tupac

Favorite Car:Dodge Challenger

Favorite TV show: Martin

Favorite Day Of The Week: Friday

Favorite Movie: Paid In Full

Favorite Feature: Eyes

Favorite Drink: Producers Orange Juice

Coming out

7 Jun

When I was a wee lass (like 13) I started my collection of cute women folks. I never really thought about why I liked doing this or what being gay was, i just knew that I wanted jessica alba in a swimsuit on my wall. later during my middle school and high school years, there would be times where i would have these strange feelings for girls. but I would always think it was because of what they were wearing or their style.


Much later after several horrible attempts of dating boys with very very awkward moments of kissing that shall never be mentioned ever again, I had my first girl crush. she was a  young white emo punk fairy girl.  she was a junior and liked to randomly bite me, which now that i think back on it, was a little odd……….hhhmmmmmmmm

after  getting into high school and leaving the somewhat awkwardness behind, i went on to high school and met the love of my life who I now date and love with all my heart and couldn’t be happier.


❤ ❤ ❤ Pantalones