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Coming Out

27 May

I arrived in this world on Feb.1993

Withheld my identity my mom did not  know of well of course she knew i was born as a female

I was born with a culture

There it held my Cuban roots and enough “Machismo” for a woman to have posture and nicely fitted clothes

I on the other hand was in between both

Didn’t feel the confort of the waiste line jeans hugging my hips with a shirt that says “I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND” in -Pink nor Victoria Secrect launduray (Though SOME perfumes do smell lightweight good) Ahaa..

But Relax with my jeans in style as the wind blows them side to side and as simple as a white-T

No, No, No i don’t call it coming out the closet
i would call it being myself Baby Locs

this is me and very proud of who i am today nothing changed

I Love women aswell as i love myself because then who will

-One Love, Baby Locs


In the Life of Baby Locs. .

13 May

I wake up with a strech to relax the stress on my neck-Relax

Look out the window and wonder what im gone do next- Find Out

Get up and fix my bed Fold my sheets and find a fit-Prepare

Head to the restroom and brush my teeth

Handle bussiness cause its PG

Take a shawor warm with soap

Shampoo wash up and let all dirt go-Stay Fresh

Be in the shawor for a Hot Min

Get out fresh and get fitted -Swag

Missed Calls on My Metro

+ Text Messages i havent read tho -Contact

And yes other than the Morning Set up To Night

They’re goes “Hater’s” But i dont call them that

Better to name them is ” Stranger’s” Because they dont know me

Then a day in my life is to think

Pefect Example Think about why would i call them Stranger’s

 because They’r are Celebreties in this world and they are quick to judge we dont know them aswell as they dont know us

I consider myself one if I find someone passing judgements upond me.-Think

Continue my day compliments with shades,Jeans,Shirt And a Jacket of course i live in the city and it is cold

Reminis about good timez with my folkz ones that passed others that are out an d “Grown”

A day in my life is a state of mind keep your head up and everything will go fine.

                      -Baby Locs

Woman myth of distrust

22 Apr

Myth of distrust

Its not a must to Love or Lust

For my own i gained respect

Never regect our own

Woman “you are mine, you belong to me”

Why? is the woman beside me stooping so low to live up the famous life

They tell us we have it good where we live

why not in our hood?

Hard working woman she crys to sleep at night

In the mirror she stairs not aware of the money for fair her children gone ask

Now she has to find her way home from a long day at work

Myth of distrust.

Hard working Woman


28 Mar

Exspectations of  the woman with the long hair And bow tie On the front corner  of  head

With Bright Cherry Lipstick  and high cheek bones

With eyes that speak this identity is the Model of the Week.

Black Hoody And White-T, Baggy Jeans With some fresh Sneakz

Bean-E with Slickk Hair Underneath

That’s the “Look” of the “Street”

Skinny Jeans With Fitted Shirt

“Nice” Hair Spikes


Day And Night

Freindship. .

18 Mar

You as a reflection of me

Whom Ive told stories and you know every dirrection i have tooken

From Bad to Good

Mood swings Sad and Happy

Greetings at the door as i represent my other half


No  I. .


No Us. .

A combination our parents made to be friends

Ride Or Die

Partners in crimes

A saying that’ll cost us our life

a childhood saying. .

Now we grow up to Adult’s

and we become eachother’s diary

Laughs to things that weren’t as funny when it happened

And stiving for a better future. .


My Mother MyBestFriend,

Whom gave birth to a innocent child 1993

Reccess time at Elementry School Learn my ABC’s & 123’s

Till you picked me up from school after a Long day of work and longer day to go

Though you struggled with 4 kids Being a single mother

You always took the time to ask

“How’d It Go and What I Learned

No matter how long it took me to finish my adventure stories

You were patient

Spilling food at the dinner table

With a face that was uncleanable till i was completely full

with a smile that lasted for days

And tears that ran for miles when acting like a brat 🙂

as a teen ager

Wild’N Out while you ran out of patients of where i was at

Kickin’ it. .

To continue teaching me whats right from wrong

And today i am officially an Adult in America

But to know i am your baby

i shall not be enbarised or feel no anger if i cant go out

But thankfull that  you are looking out for your Child

To understand i have associates in a Hostyle world

A Mothers wish will come true

Most deffinently don’t have fear

Believe in God and My Mother

Thank you for blessing me with your Love,Protections& Prayers

Before i hit the streets


Your Friend-


Music. .

11 Mar

My Rhythem

Salsa, Hip Hop, Regeton, Soul, Oldies, Love,&  R&B. .

Is who represents me

Entitled to moving they’re feet

Hip movement to the one in need

Sauve, Shuv, Holding Close ,Sharing love



Fist Pumps


Is the best

Shine while you can cant lose your breath

Control the passion

Beautiful as a Diamond

Fierce as a Stone. .

My Rhythem Is I


No rejects but a simple no thank you

Kick back,Relax

Music Speaks

Just Dance.


Mi Manifesto. .

4 Mar

Mi Manifesto

Something i want to become reality

Like all the posstive imaginition people would be glad to see

Enspired by my own, Myself personality

Realizes that the crimes today arent what we want to believe

Mi Manifesto

I who was born an innocent child

As i heard when i grew up “Live for today because tomarrow is not asked for”

When a father leave’s his seed they’ll become a basterd

Why cant we all live in peace and do what God asked for

Speak the truth is what we’ve been tought

There’s always something wrong

Too quick,Too slow , Or too soft

Silence Is Violence

I know nothing is perfect

Mi Manifesto

Is to heal your pain

because to get hurt isnt worth it

With love comes pain

Then the trust fades away

Mi Manifesto

Spanish speackin’

San Francisco Born & Raised Cuban

Pollution reveals all society’s  confucion

Mistakes left in the unknown

Quiet to the population

Mi Manifesto

Is to clear all harm

And make it to my destination

One Love And Respect.


My Community

18 Feb

Yoo, Que Bola?! (Whats Good?!). .

Part 1:Today I touched down at My Community’s. .

Havana Cuba/San Francisco , CA

You Know?. . CUBA where the Bright Sun Reveals Your Personality

Shadows Walk With You For Miles

In Company Off Hard Work. .

Mother At Home Cooking For Her Family

While Her Health Gets Worse. .

Hand Washed Clothes

Making Sure Her Son Goes Fresh To School. .

Reggeton , Salsa Is What We Dance To. .

Yo Soy Reppa

Yo Soy Mi Communidad

Havana Cuba. .

Part 2: Today I touched down at My Community’s. .

Havana Cuba/San Francisco , CA

You Know?. . SF Where The City Winds Roam. .

Cold, Ocean Beach(La Playa), Busses To Go Home. .

Big Coats , Black Hoody’s ,Tims, J’s , & Holister. .

Jeans, That Make You Walk With Style. .

Sweats, To Make You Confortable. .

New Fashion Every Month To Get Rid Of Last Weeks Shirt. .

Family’s Trying To Be In

A Stabled Home. .

My Community Is I

The Famous Bridge That Connects One Another

Bay Area. .


Today . .Today. . Forever I Touched Down In My Community. .

Told That Woman Are Ment For Men. .

And Men Are Ment For Woman

Never Has That Been The Law Of Sex

So I Go With My Belief

I am Woman & I Love Woman.

Ive Been Told I Cant Be. .

My Community Is Me. .

So Do You Have Pride In Your Community?



Honey Bee’s

23 Jan
WhatsGood EveryOne?. .
 My Name is Elvira I am a Co-Facilitator At
LYRIC(Lavendar Youth Recreation & Information Center)
Building Community & Inspiring Positive Social Change
with LGBTQQ Youth 
 I Co-Facilitate A Weekly Group By The Name Of HONEY
  Welcoming Queer Girls & Allies 24 & Under
 From 4-6 p.m
  Also We Previde A Hang Out Space For The Youth 
LYS From 2:30-3:30 p.m
 Great Place To Kick Back & Meet New People
  Play Games
   Listen To Music
  Watch Movies
  Funny T.V Shows

Im Out. .
Would Love To See You There
Chao Honey!!


We Dont Exsept CREEPER's   

HONEY BEE'sz   (Poem)                                                         Jan 2011

Works Hard


Never Gives Up For What We Need

Learns From Growing Up

Making The Best Of Our Identities

No Shame To Who We Our

Sweet & Kind Like



Call Us Fly

Sting’s When We Out

Higher Then The Sky’s

Close To The Stars

Better Then Cloud 9. .




2:30-3:30 p.m

A space for the youth 2 come & kick back

Listen to music

Play Games

Eat Snacks

& Much More!

Honey ~.~

4-6 p.m

Queer Girl’s & Allies (Friends, Asociates ,Family)

Also Welcoming Boy’s/Men

24 & Under

Free Space For Youth. .


Come Through If You Are In The Bay!