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The Favorites Of Flyykiddfresh

13 Jun

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Book: True 2 The Game

Favorite Outfit I Own: Camo shorts, sweatshirt and converse

Favorite Rapper: Jay-Z

Favorite School Subject: P.E

Favorite Moment: Meeting Lil’ Bow Wow and B2k

Favorite Song:Hail Mary- Tupac

Favorite Car:Dodge Challenger

Favorite TV show: Martin

Favorite Day Of The Week: Friday

Favorite Movie: Paid In Full

Favorite Feature: Eyes

Favorite Drink: Producers Orange Juice


My Rebirth

31 May

Name:Brittanee L

Age: 13


I walk along the path
Unknown to others,
Newly discovered by me.
And see the colors.
They dance with each other,
But not with those unlike them.
Blue with blue,
Red with red,
Green with green,
With pink.
They are happy this way,
By the constant glares
Of the others who look in their direction,
Pointing, laughing, making jokes.
Blue is happy with blue.
Red is happy with red.
Green is happy with green.
Is happy with pink.

If this path
Were to be discovered,
The colors would fade,
Not showing their true selves,
For fear of being ridiculed,
For fear of being laughed at.
So blue joins pink,
Green with red.
Constant pain of this mask,
Trying to please all,
Not being what
They were meant to be.

But slowly, the colors separate.
Blue joins blue,
Red joins red,
Green joins green,
Joins pink.
The others point, laugh,
But the colors don’t mind.
They never apologize
For who they are.
They never apologize
For being what the others hate,
For what makes themselves happy.

Life For A Day In My Shoes

25 May

6am – Run in the park to work my body release my thoughts and tune out the world

9am – Television watches me as my mind goes threw todays agenda

10am – internet browsing to catch up on current events, lastest gossip, and social networking

11am-3pm – Homework Time and work stuff

4pm-7pm – LYRIC Training where we prepare wonderful agendas for our community building group that week

7pm-Sleep – My Free Time

Soul Food

9 May

Yumm sunday dinners i know what to expect i can smell it in the air when i wake at 12 noon. My mother or my grandmother cooking up a storm. Food doesn’t just taste good it comforts the soul it’s also a bonding tool used to gather family together to discuss current events in each other’s life. That new job promotion, Who’s breaking up, family rivalries you name it.

As I get older I don’t see these events as often. Family just isn’t what it used to be and I want to change that. I’ve recently lost the backbone to my unorthodox family and I don’t know whats going to happen. Why do i only see my loved one’s and eat this delicious food on thanksgiving and christmas. Can i just have my Sunday dinner back?

Definition Of My Distrust

12 Apr

As a woman i have seen the school yard fights over “the boy is mine” or “she thinks she’s cute.” Because of my sexuality i have never been involved in the scene but i have witnessed it. I never understood why women could not see over the minor problems and come together to be fierce rulers of the world, being that woman do control our population therefore playing a significant part in our society. Those altercations may differ with each individual occurrence but all the while breaking down the unity and trust of a younger generation of females, because then we are taught (by a scorned woman) “not to trust a woman around your man” or “girls who think they’re all that are trouble” but that’s where we go wrong we should encourage other woman to disregard the competition and stigma between women. who benefits from this ego trip. MALES because then they play women against each other for their own personal gain. therefore woman stand up unite and see what we can accomplish together.

Friendship Recipe

21 Mar

1/2 of laughter
1 tbsp of hurtful gossip
2 cups of trust
2 cups of honesty
1 egg
1/3 cup of milk

Mix all together until smooth and preheat oven to 350 lay even in pan let cook for 30 mins take out to cool for 5 minutes and enjoy

Who Inspires Me

23 Feb
One Person who inspires me is the rapper/entrepreneur 50 cent. Although his music may not promote the most positive message but his hustle is something that he should be commended on. Growing up in the ghetto of Queens, New York without his mother and father he didn’t have the guidance he needed so he turned to the streets. He hustled for material things such as clothes and cars but he never got comfortable with just that he always wanted more and I really admire his drive. He started getting serious about his rapping after being told he would just be known as another street hustler who made a song. He got shot 9 times, went into the studio and proceeded to make an album that would sell over 15 million records. He got into rap beefs with other famous artist and went on to make 100 million dollars off of a drink venture named Vitamin Water. So as you can see he never let anything get in the way of his fame and fortune. It takes a really hard working discipined person to do what he did and i really look up to him because without the nuclear family and without the college education he still succeeded in life and provided hope for lost souls like me
3 Feb

Poem about my community

By Flyykiddfresh

When I walk outside my house I smell the dewy grass from the park across the street

I feel the breeze from the cars speeding down my busy street

I walk to Divisadero and Grove St.

I see familiar faces people who I grew up with, some older who watched me grow up

I see people drive up and down the block in their freshly painted cars with the shiny rims

My community doesn’t have a lot of people of color who live there but it used to before the crack era started

A lot of the homes in my community were black owned and everyone knew everyone

It was very close knit you would be looked at as family and if you didn’t have it someone would help you out

A lot of those families are gone but the spirit can felt when we gather on that corner talking, laughing, just spending time together

I love my community for everything it is and not everything that its

Honey-Mac Fresh

13 Jan

Hi my name is Mac fresh I’m 17 years old and I’m a queer educator working at lyric I co facilitate a queer girls group called honey on wednesday 4-6 every week in this group we touch on topics such as health family and other social topics we keep it relevant. Be sure to tune in to my future post to see what’s going on