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This is What Dreeeeeeeaaaaaammmmmmssss Are Made Of……..

18 May

So you. YES YOU. You dare to ask what the day in the life of Supreme Time Lord Maxwell is like?!


This just for your enjoyment

So. I usually wake up at like 11. It so rocks that I dont have school or work till the afternoon. Before school ended i would go to American Sign Language class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It was an ok class, it was kinda review for me. We spent a lot of times on numbers and tic tac toe 😛 But it was a fun class, because i would hang out with all the weird people in the corner and teach them awkward things in sign.

Then I go to work, Where i enjoy the company of the Lovely Queer Educators. THEY ARE LOVELY, OK? I usually try to convince everyone to watch Doctor Who. Usually fails, but sometimes, ya know, it just works. I usually but a burrito, too.

Then i trek back to Oakland, where i help the cousin with the munchkin, do some cleaning, and then stay up till 3 in the morning watching Avatar the Last Airbender, and playing Zelda and Mario Bros on my Gameboy Color.

than i9 sleep! Thus, the day of Max.

for Ya’ll




28 Mar

Really, I’m not the one to talk to about fashion. Not the stuff on runways, or magazines, or all that kinda stuff. Perssonal fashion, i can do, but you know…..

Anyway, something about fashion. My fashion consists of consignment store clothing, or anything that i can get for sale, that in my mind is both nerdy, and cute. So, bow ties, button down, things that will match the ever changing colors of my mohawk….

One blog i like, about queer fashion is: and totally worth checking out!

also, some videos about finding clothing for AFAB people who want to wear “men’s” shirts:

Interesting Transwoman blog, has cool stuff on clothing/makeup 😀

Have a lovely week, ya’ll!


random poem manifesto thing!

6 Mar

I believe in music
music that lifts the souls and crashes it down like waves on a rock reaching for home
I believe in art
art that express the innermost desires and thoughts that aren’t dared to be uttered aloud
for fear
I believe in connections between people are beautiful and fragile
you have to take care
I believe in molding your body until it becomes your own
tattoos, piercings, all of those are art too
i believe in this world, even though it is sad
and heavy with the weight she has to carry
and in her people, however hopless we may feel sometimes
there is such thing as the power of one
to change

For your enjoyment 😀

Mumford and Sons ~The Cave

Art as Activism

20 Feb

This weeks topic was to write about an artist or an activist that inspirers you. I could think of a few people, but recently i went on a field trip and something super inspired me.

So in San Francisco, in the mission, there is a street called Balmy Ally. Walking past, it might not look too unusual, until that is, you look down the street. All against the sides of the buildings, the most beautiful murals span the street.

Since 1972, murals have been added to the Balmy Ally collection, as a form of reclaiming space. The murals express the history of displacement and oppression that the Chicano/a community face in this country, and in SF.

I think one of the most influential forms of activism is art, because you can see a history for generations to come, and with that, it inspires the next generation to change their own. For examples, the murals in Balmy Ally inspired the La Lucha Continua Art Park/La Lucha Mural Park in New York City.

Pieces like this, and Art as Activism, inspire me alot. They inspire me to learn my history an culture, and to use art as a ground to inspire movement in others. Art is a big part of the LYRIC culture, and what we do in Trasnsmagic.

I encourage everyone to use their talent to inspire change!



p.s, i dont remember how to insert pics, so i encourage everyone in the Bay Area to check out Balmy Ally for yourselves!

My Community!

3 Feb

Hey all!

So I am a part of many communities, most which intersect with each other. The ones that I have been dealing most with lately are the queer and trans community that I am a part of. But, I decided to not write about them. sometimes I feel as a queer youth that so much of my daily focus is focused on my gender/sexual identity, that it becomes hard to think of anything else. So, I’m taking a break, and am going to talk about another amazing community!

The Nerdfighter Community!

nerd/fighter: (adj) –  A nerdfighter is a person who is proud to be nerdy and intelligent, and who fights to decrease WorldSuck. Nerdfighters are not composed of cells and tissue, but instead made entirely of awesome. Nerdfighters are known to perform their Happy dances when they are joyful, and each Happy dance is unique to its respective Nerdfighter. Nerdfighters are diverse in their hobbies, which can range from writing Nerdfighter songs to playing D&D. Nerdfighters have also been described as someone who is “Outgoing, intelligent and awesome enough to accept nerd as a compliment”. The polar opposite of a Nerdfighter is a Decepticon.

So. My day in  the life of a Nerdfighter

Wake up. Go on to learn interesting facts to share with the world. Go to one of my jobs in order to decrease World suck, and Promote World Awesome. Eat. Nerd out about Doctor Who and books. Hang with nerdy friends. Go home and talk books with my cousin. Watch a nerdy show (Doctor Who, Buffy, Dr. horrible’s sing-along blog) Sleep.

Rinse and Repeat!

Have a good week, and DFTBA! (Dont Forget to be Awesome)


Everyone welcome!

13 Jan

Are you: girl birl boy bis transsexual transgendered queer questioning curious polyamorous intersexed flexual asexual trisexual omnisexual multisexual pansexual gender neutral genderqueer multigendered androgynous drag king drag queen butch femme fairy two-spirit bear dyke lipstick tranny boi (with an i) ftm mtf boydyke bi-dyke half-dyke queerboi or ex-straight?

or something else?

Come to transmagic, from 4-6 on tuesdays at LYRIC! All genders and expressions are welcome in this group for trans* people and their allies.

we rock!


About Me: a nerdy bowtie wearing femking who loves doctor who and activism 😀 Max is my name, gender is my game!