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Coming out

7 Jun

When I was a wee lass (like 13) I started my collection of cute women folks. I never really thought about why I liked doing this or what being gay was, i just knew that I wanted jessica alba in a swimsuit on my wall. later during my middle school and high school years, there would be times where i would have these strange feelings for girls. but I would always think it was because of what they were wearing or their style.


Much later after several horrible attempts of dating boys with very very awkward moments of kissing that shall never be mentioned ever again, I had my first girl crush. she was a  young white emo punk fairy girl.  she was a junior and liked to randomly bite me, which now that i think back on it, was a little odd……….hhhmmmmmmmm

after  getting into high school and leaving the somewhat awkwardness behind, i went on to high school and met the love of my life who I now date and love with all my heart and couldn’t be happier.


❤ ❤ ❤ Pantalones




A day in the life of pantalones.

18 May

so my days are really sometimes a little boring cause im in school currently. but here’s what happens

I wake up around 6:00, or 4;00 am if i get a txt message. it takes me about half an hour to get outta bed, cause its still dark and cold outside.  usually I pick clothes the night before, but if i’m super lazy there will be a stack of laundry that I’ll pick something from. I grab my books and laptop (that i bring everywhere) and my ipod.

School : 5 hours of boredom mixed in with 3 hours of doctor who and tumblr.

bus rides are my favorite part of my day. I like to listen to my ipod while being around all the different sights and smells (the good smelling smells tho) and it relaxs me and gets me feeling like my regular calm self.

most of my day consists of me day dreaming and thinking about all the stuff I got going on, like my friends, work stuff and my non-existent yet highly confusing love life. sometimes I’ll write on the bus or when im not doing aything at work, which will end up to be a three to 10 pages story complete with plot and action sequences.

but back to a day. ummmm….I usually talk with max about nerd stuff. alot. me and him sorta are hecka good mates and love to have conversations that make no sense to anyone but us.

a good day ends with me falling asleep on the phone for the third time that week with my girl,  and an even better night is when I get to sleep over at her house.

sometimes at night their will be not so fun times, so i’ll stay up super late and write parts of my story till i can calm down and sleep again.  but it works cause then I also get lots of homework done.

anyways this is my day and maybe i’ll add another day next week. or somthing. maybe make a vid.

i’ll let you know.

till then Allons-y!!!! (doc who reference. lol)

Kids by B.o.B ft Janelle Monae!!

25 Apr

This isn’t the legit vid, but the song is hecka good!!!! Enjoy

OMG, I love FOODSTUFF !!!!

25 Apr

If you haven’t guessed we are talking about food,  and bromies I got tons to talk about. I could go on forever about food, seriously. but I got Africana homework to do so ima keep it brief.

So food, I don’t have a favorite food, wait thats a lie, I have lots of favorite foods the one that comes to mind is a Tangine, which is a North African Dish. You can make it vegi or with meat. I prefer to use chicken or lamb because I can really get it the juiciest.  (for all my vegetarian readers, im sorry, but I promise to make sure they meat is free range and stuff) but the spices, dude the spices. not only do they smell almost goddess like (don’t ask) but they taste freaking amazing. seriously, I’m telling you as your kinda friend, GO TO A NORTH AFRICAN RESTAURANT  AND TRY SOME  TANGINE!!! do it, and if you don’t like it. my bad. :p

Wow I went on a little longer then I thought……here are some Links to some recipes if you like to cook (like me!!)

If you’re younger then 18 or a a kluz (I am this) who will end up lighting something on fire, ask for help or get a cute friend who you have a crush on to help you.

you will get points for trying to cook. trust me. I know. ;p



Vegi Tangine

Lamb Tangine

Chicken Tangine

In women we trust?

12 Apr

So this week we are talking about the myth of distrust which basically means that women cannot trust each other even if we had to ban together to fight in a zombie apocalypse. personally its not that I don’t trust women, its more that I have observed on several occasions that women tend to gossip and have violent tendencies that I want to avoid. Not that all women have this. Cause they don’t. or maybe its due to my own personal experience with hatred toward women that I have developed my own?

but why is it that women can’t/don’t trust each other? Is it because of a long history of misogyny that has been inbred into the core beliefs that women today know accept? whatever the reason it needs to end. ladies, not everyone is out to get you. I admit there are times when there can be some grudes or some fights about stuff, but that doesn’t mean that when the time comes we can’t trust each other to get each others back. We can’t afford not to with all this sexist, racism, and homophobia to at not try and get along. celebrate difference with the idea that yes i may not like your taste in fashion or your views on Rihanna and Chris Brown but we sometimes go through stuff that is unjust and should join forces to create a stronger stand against messed up stuff.

Fashion For The People.

28 Mar

Ok so this week, we are talking bout fashion stuff. for me I don’t care about what you where as long as you rock it. because we all have different tastes and who the hell am I to judge if you wanna wear black skinny jeans with a blue shirt even if i think that doesn’t match. lol clothes should fit a persons identity, which means whatever you like.

No but seriously wear what feels good to you, like today im rocking chucks with baggy jeans and my tattoo shit. (I actually am running out of clothes to wear because i haven’t done my laundry in a while but whateve’s. ) but if you wanna wear like idk a dress with combat boots, DO IT, who cares what people say if your not “doing what your suppose to do” who made up stupid rules about what people can and can’t wear? I dunno but I say to hell with that.  ima wear clothes that I like, not the ones my mum picked out for me cause they were deemed fit by some age old rule.

alright so for hair. personally I love when people have  Mohawks or faux-hawks, with dyes. Also mullets and rattails with random bits shaved off.  im working on growing out my hair to have a long mohawk. or i might get dreads. or both. debating.

anyways that all for this week. here’s a vid.

its a mix how low by Ludacris /Threshold 8 bit  Scott Pilgrim soundtrack.


This Song. Stuck In My Head. All Day

22 Mar

skip to like a min and a half. 

Post time!

17 Mar

hey all my fabulous readers.

another week has gone by, and boy has it been a long one with school and homework. but through out it I’ve had my friends, so thats what ima talk about, while be utterly sleep deprived so if theres stuff in here that makes no sense, stay up hecka late then read it and it will. lol


So my friends are about important to me as like comic books, Tegan and Sara, good food and leather.  without them, life would be boring and there would be no one to have my back when I need it the most and to offer the same to someone else. We have conversations in languages that don’t exist yet we know exactly what we’re saying.  we are the last stand against “normal”


(20 mintues later)

whoops sorry got distracted on tumblr…….what was I saying. right, the bromies.

yeah so there always there and stuff and having at least one friend makes life so much better. like one time i was super sad and stuff with life and I talked to my Homie and I got a hug and it made everything better cause she cared about me and it made me realize that life doesn’t always suck.

So no vid this week, couldn’t find the one I wanted, stupid youtube.  so a double one next week or so.



Finding The Rhythm

9 Mar

So this weeks theme is music.

For me music is my life. Without it I probs would have gone off the deep end more times then You-Know-Who has tried to kill Harry Potter.  But yeah anyways moving from the Harry Potter reference which I hope at least two of my readers should know,

Music gives me my rhythm.  Hell while i’m typing this, im listening to Mike Posner.  My greatest possession is my headphones and ipod. but its not even about that sometimes.

For example. The rain.

Yeah I know it sound weird and whatever but looking at my last posts you should know i always connect random shit together so deal with it. lols ❤

So the rain. The way it pounds the pavement, how it sounds the first 30 seconds when it hasn’t soaked everything. Mixed it with some thunder as a badass beat and I’m set. combined with the smell of fresh  that soothes me more then anything else in the world, besides cuddling, but thats another blog post. lol

But when theres no rain, I always have my headphones on me. Their an extension of my soul. The soundtrack is not only my music but the beat that the people around me move to. Music is everywhere. You just have to look, sometimes real hard cause people forget that and supress the beauty and movement that music provides.

Anyway nuff bout that, here’s another song by one of my favorite dykey Canadian bands……no not Tegan and Sara but their cool too :p

Bands name is Hunter Valentine.

Mild Swearing but they’re badass like that. (the lead singer i want to marry!!!)

Enjoy!!! see ya next week for me random goodness!!!


Pants has a theory…..ok more of a manifesto but whateve’s

5 Mar

so here’s the thing.

im gonna start some kinda of revolution. cause im sick of the shit us youth and the cool adults go through. the world is full of anger and trying to kill people and frankly i really don’t feel like dying cause of other peoples hate. so ima start by community building. and not talk to all the pretty girls to get them to go out with me community building but the legit kind. the kinda that makes the community stronger and more united and stuff.

I would say schooling is important, but I’m in school now and its not really about what I learn its more about what I take and teach all my other friends. its more about what you observe  in the world around you and take it and grow.

hmmm but sometimes theres  times where people see stuff and think its a good choice. so maybe a bsic education. like to high school.

in the community im in i wanna educate. to teach those who unknowingly make lives difficult because of their inexperence in the LGBTQQI community. but first i need to know myself.

so im gonna keep learning and being alive so i can make these chances so that my bromie’s (homie + bro ) kids, cause i sure as hella am not having any, can grow up to be whatever and not get shit for it.

damn this is gonna take a while. but you see where im going with this right?

so heres a vid to enjoy. happy weekend!!!