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A day in the Life of Dennis Jones

17 May

7am : I wake up in the morning pondering issues that society struggles with, the lines that devide us, and what makes me whole as an individual. I reflect on this for an hour at this time i eat or prepare a meal to eat or do chores.

8am : I sit in lotus position to further acknowledge the things i can’t change about the world and to change those things i must model them to inspire others to be the best them.

9am  : I shower and groom when needed while listening to jazz or classical in the morning. This hour I get ready for work…

10am : If i have time from the inspiring and relaxing meditative experience of showering to jazz music. I will play classical and jazz piano before work to let out some of my creative energy.

11am : I head to work. On the way to work I look out for the beauties in nature which is everything. I get an overall feeling of awe at this moment of my day

12pm : I get to work I say hello to all of my co workers and ki-ki with them about issues relevant to our lives and get lunch.

1pm : I have a Meeting

2pm : I go into drop in at lyric to socialize with my peers in the community to see there needs from groups and to talk about issues relevant to them.

3pm : The same as 2pm

4pm-7pm: This is training where all the queer educators get together and learn and discuss issues in the community and world. We also get trained on relevant skills that can transcend and be used in everyday life.

7pm : I take a deep breath and start reflecting on the day. Maybe get something to eat.

8pm : Arrive at home the first thing that I do is wash my hands. Than I shower and change into my pajamas at this time

9pm :I watch youtube videos and look at social media till i get tired and go to bed

Thats a day in my life…


Art as Activism

20 Feb

This weeks topic was to write about an artist or an activist that inspirers you. I could think of a few people, but recently i went on a field trip and something super inspired me.

So in San Francisco, in the mission, there is a street called Balmy Ally. Walking past, it might not look too unusual, until that is, you look down the street. All against the sides of the buildings, the most beautiful murals span the street.

Since 1972, murals have been added to the Balmy Ally collection, as a form of reclaiming space. The murals express the history of displacement and oppression that the Chicano/a community face in this country, and in SF.

I think one of the most influential forms of activism is art, because you can see a history for generations to come, and with that, it inspires the next generation to change their own. For examples, the murals in Balmy Ally inspired the La Lucha Continua Art Park/La Lucha Mural Park in New York City.

Pieces like this, and Art as Activism, inspire me alot. They inspire me to learn my history an culture, and to use art as a ground to inspire movement in others. Art is a big part of the LYRIC culture, and what we do in Trasnsmagic.

I encourage everyone to use their talent to inspire change!



p.s, i dont remember how to insert pics, so i encourage everyone in the Bay Area to check out Balmy Ally for yourselves!